Job recruitment
Maritime business specialist:
Job requirements
1、Responsible for expanding customer information in the industry,Contact customer,Establish cooperation;
2、Can be used proficientlyEXCEL、PPTWaiting for office software。
3、Have strong observation and resilience ability,Grasp the market dynamics
4、Serious and meticulous about work,Motivated、Responsibility。
5、Strong communication ability and active ability,Can withstand work pressure。
1、Placing ship else and booking platform,Collection of sea transport market information。
2、Sorting route、Confirm that the cabin freight is serving the company's sales。
International maritime sales salesman:
Work description:
1、Have a certain ability to read and write english,Familiar with the professional terms of shipping。
2、Responsible for overseas agency development and business maintenance work。
3、Using the company platform,ThroughE-MAIL, SKYPE Develop overseas customers with telephone and other methods。
4、Responsible for communicating with foreign customers,Promote the company's advantageous route and price。
5、Inquiry of overseas business、Quotation and arrangement of various imports and exports freight matters,And track the process in time。
6、Solve the problems arising from all destination ports in time。
1、College or above,Have good professional ethics,Proper behavior,High comprehensive quality;
2、Love to engage in sales,Love team;
3、Have good communication skills and teamwork spirit;
4、With a strong sense of target honor,Self -discipline,Strong self -management ability and work management ability;
Operating hours: Monday to friday:Morning9:00-12:00 Afternoon14:00-18:00
Salary:Basic wage+ Trial +Five insurances and one gold+Award at the end of the year